Missing Doris Lamon…

Doris Lamon

It just happened that in my last post the top photo features Ed and Doris Lamon looking at a Memorial Day display at our town’s Veterans Park. The headline of that January 18 post reads “To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do.” You couldn’t find a better match between the headline and the photo!

On May 6 this year Doris passed away, few weeks before her 84th birthday on May 29… Below are some thoughts about Doris Lamon – partially published in Blue Stone Press‘ tribute to her (May 16, 2014 issue):

    I met Doris Lamon back in 2003, during one of the special events marking the 300th anniversary of the Town of Rochester. That’s when I also met Valerie Weaver, at that time Executive Director of the Kerhonkson-Accord Chamber of Commerce; as I needed a lift home, Valerie offered to drive me and that was something Doris mentioned many times in her humorous way: “So, the Executive Director gave you a ride home, hmmm…” A strong, tough lady, she also had a wonderful warm and funny, bubbly and playful side. She – and Ed, of course – were never bothered by my camera and became my most favorite “models.” I treasure their smiles in photos where you could clearly see their goodness. I loved how they always dressed for the occasion, be it St. Patrick’s or Veterans Day. Of course, Ed and Doris were famous for being Ulster County’s Santa and Mrs. Claus. They did that for the last time in December 2012:

Doris Lamon

    This wonderful couple, married for the duration of my entire life (and I’m 64 in few days!), was a model in many other ways. As stressed during Doris’ memorial service last Friday, May 9, she exemplified the definition of dedication, volunteerism, and care for her community. And she was such a successful fundraiser: genuine, warm, and pleasant!

    Always reliable and keeping her word, always ready to help, doing everything from the heart, Doris was also one of the very few who have the guts to speak their mind.

    As Councilwoman, in 2009 I had the honor of representing the Rochester Town Board at a special awards ceremony in Albany. As described in the Blue Stone Press (May 1, 2009): “Ed and Doris Lamon have been nominated and selected as recipients of the ‘2009 Outstanding Contribution by a Senior Citizen’ award conveyed by the Ulster County Office of the Aging for their many contributions to the well being of the community.

    They will be honored in Albany by the NYS Office of the Aging on Wed., May 6 and also by the UC Office of the Aging in June in conjunction with the Annual Senior Games luncheon.

    The Town of Rochester congratulates the Lamons on their award and thanks them for their gracious service to the community.”

    As our town mourned the fallen hero Sgt. Shawn Farrell II during the procession and memorial ceremony on May 7 and 8, I missed Doris so much… She was always involved in welcoming veterans coming home; she was the one bringing flags and patriotic caps (I still wear the one she gave me in 2007). Doris was the one raising money for post cards to be sent to veterans… Doris was the first one to help: the children, the youth, the veterans, the First Aid Squad…

    On May 26, at 11 am, please come to Rochester’s Veterans Park for the Memorial Day ceremony dedicated to Sgt. Shawn Farrell. I’m sure we would all feel also the absence of one of the strongest supporters of our veterans, the irreplaceable Doris, the wife of veteran Ed Lamon… As we’re going to miss her from each and every meeting, ceremony or town event, our respect for what she did all her life for our community will only grow deeper.

Manuela Michailescu

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