UCAT Ulster-Poughkeepsie Link needs improvement…

Manuela Michailescu

During the years I avoided writing letters to editor when experiencing problems as a user of this helpful bus connection (Rosendale to Metro-North in Poughkeepsie), hoping that they would be solved.

Once I missed about four Metro-North trains because of a dispatcher’s inability to tell other bus drivers to stop in Rosendale when the regular bus driver was witness in a police investigation.

Once the bus driver did not stop in the place marked “BUS PARKING” but… far away, at the Trailways stop, to talk to another bus driver! He left Rosendale without picking me up, despite the fact that I was in the Park & Ride 12 minutes early!

The LINK schedule found online in April 2016 was from… April 2011. As a result, I got on a bus not going to Rosendale, but only to New Paltz’s “FREE Park & Ride, Next to New Paltz Auto Center.” Well… that Park & Ride was closed and it’s “Private Property” since January 2015! And the Auto Center does not exist either…

The UCAT director responded to my email complaint: “My apologies for the lack of communication. We were aware the park & ride was closed and have changed the next schedule, due out October 1st, which will read Stewarts Northbound and Stewarts Southbound.”

I have the new printed LINK schedule for October 2016 – March 31, 2017. NO CHANGE was made regarding the New Paltz Park & Ride!

The situations described show lack of respect for the riders; the lack of proper communication is unacceptable and may affect in a negative way the Ulster County tourism.

Manuela Michailescu

Blue Stone Press, January 20, 2017 (page 14)

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