Why am I running?

Manuela Michailescu

I’m Manuela Michailescu. I served four years as your Town of Rochester Councilwoman, currently I’m a member of the Town’s Youth Commission.

Why am I running? I’m doing it for the right reason: I have a genuine desire to serve the people in our district – Rochester and East Wawarsing.

As a country president once said, “An elected official’s duty is to do what is obvious.” Recently, it became more than obvious that Rochester is not represented in the Legislature. When our town’s economic future, its tax base, and the survival of its two largest employers are at stake, it’s the duty of our Legislator to fight for the town at the County level. No excuses, no pretense, no recusal, no games, no abstaining from representation are acceptable. It is the Legislator’s responsibility to represent the town.

The people of Rochester deserve better. I would put to good use the local government experience I have gained during my four-year term while restoring dignity to the office of Legislator.

Please know that I am immune to power and money. I would truly represent the interests of the town, not mine. My dedication and involvement in town’s life would bring about positive changes. I would be part of the solution, not of the problem, and you will see the difference.

In 2006, my husband and I have created BusyRochester.com – the first and still the only website dedicated to the businesses in our town. Looking back, I see the recession years were not gentle, and I know better than most what a high toll we had to pay before regaining our footing.

Obviously, I would support any and all economic developments in town, with equal rights and responsibilities for each and every business. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, from the hot dog stand to the Pinegrove Ranch & Family Resort.

To remove any appearance of impropriety, I strongly believe that elected officials should not be the beneficiaries of any tax breaks.

I think I’ve been successful in everything I did in life, because, as an American writer said, “success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”

I have a record of overcoming adversities, on the personal and political level, while consistently acting on principles. I learned a lot from serving on the Town Board. It gave me a real understanding of town’s issues and of the impact County policies have on our town. I loved being a Town Board liaison and following up on projects. In a way, a Legislator is the “liaison” to the County, and you can count on me to do that very well.

I’m asking for your support. Give me a chance to serve and truly represent the Town of Rochester. I would never let you down.

Manuela Michailescu

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