In Support of Supervisor Carl Chipman

Manuela Michailescu
Tavi Cilenti, Manuela Michailescu and Carl Chipman
before their victory in 2007 elections.

Blue Stone Press – July 5, 2013
Shawangunk Journal – July 11, 2013

To the Editor:

I’m probably one of the very few who worked with and knows Carl Chipman both in an official and unofficial capacity, as a fellow Town Board member and as a fellow church goer. First I would like to say about Carl what I’d like people to say about me – Carl is Carl, he is not changed by titles and positions, he is always the same kind man determined to serve the people and to get problems solved. Not many people know that he is the President of the Ulster County Association of Town Supervisors and Village Mayors, but this added title didn’t change him a bit. We should be proud that our Town Supervisor was deservedly chosen to be the leader of town leaders.

It is known that I don’t shy away from arguing with leaders – and Carl can vouch for it; we had our ups and downs, we had our arguments, but – when the dust settled – it was obvious that he either was not given all the facts or he made a choice for the good of the entire town. And he always admitted his mistakes.

Carl Chipman is a fiscal conservative, has a truly balanced approach to leadership, and is an excellent communicator. His involvement in town’s life, at all levels, is unprecedented. Check webcasts of our Legislature’s sessions – you won’t find another town supervisor expressing his opinion even when it’s not a popular one. He is our town’s liaison to the county. He is representing our town and does this very well.

The only thing worth mentioning against Carl: he is too tight with the money – a “Cheap-man”! That’s why I found it disturbing to see the words “our town tax dollars should not be wasted” associated with his name in the ad for Chipman’s challenger! Carl has a proven record of watching taxpayers’ money, so why the “cheap” shot?

Carl’s challenger promises to “stop expanding taxes” when, in fact, our taxes were not increased and it seems that no other town in the state could boast the same thing over the same period of time. But Carl Chipman’s challenger sees everything as “expanding”: “expanding laws,” “expanding regulations,” “expanding expense with the startup of a police department,” “our comprehensive plan… continually expanded.”

The only thing I see “expanding” is Carl’s passion for solving town’s problems. He is passionate about serving, at times with great personal sacrifice.

Carl Chipman always had a clear vision for Rochester: the one beneficial to all the people in town…

Manuela Michailescu

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