A trip to the Delaware & Hudson Canal Museum

Cancelled on a rainy day, this trip was rescheduled for August 15, a day with perfect weather… I’m so happy I didn’t miss it as nothing is more amazing than seeing little ones stepping back into history and discovering how things used to be…

    “The D&H Canal Historical Society was established in 1966 to preserve, protect and perpetuate the unique history of the Delaware & Hudson Canal, particularly in Ulster County.

    As part of fulfilling its mission, the Society operates a museum and maintains the Five Locks Walk, a National Historic Landmark.”

From the video presentation done by John Motzer to actually seeing how the locks and the boats worked, from listening to Ms. Grace Schoonmaker’s explanations to looking for pieces of coal in the grass and proudly showing the large(st) ones to everybody, the excitement generated by this trip was palpable. The kids were divided in two age groups. I was with the little ones, as you can tell from my pictures.

Educational and informative, but also very pleasant and relaxing, this trip fascinated us all.

Manuela Michailescu

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