Walkway over the Hudson, revisited

I haven’t been on the Walkway over the Hudson since its inauguration in 2009, when people from all towns in Ulster County met on the bridge – going back and forth between Highland and Poughkeepsie – proudly displaying the insignia of their towns.

So, I was eager to join Rochester’s Summer Program trip to the Walkway over the Hudson on August 7. Happy that we didn’t have to display umbrellas, we enjoyed the views despite the overcast sky. I noticed the kids’ fascination with the freight trains running on the tracks next to the Hudson River. The boys in my group – Gavin, Nathan and Tristan – were among the first to spot the trains, from a big distance.

If you think that after a round-trip on the Walkway the kids were tired and had not enough energy left for the Fun-e Farm in Kingston, you are wrong! They enjoyed the colorful inflated slides to the fullest. It’s true, though, that on the way home little Brook (4) fell asleep on the bus.

Pure enjoyment all day long; no rain, clouds galore, walking on the bridge, lunch in Highland, plus Funny Farm’s symphony of colors… all making for a fun-filled day!

Manuela Michailescu

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