Happy to nominate Carl Chipman for Supervisor at GOP Caucus

This was the first time in six years when I didn’t participate at the Rochester Republican Caucus as a candidate for elected office; despite being much more relaxed, I still had emotions because Carl, a dear fellow team-mate six years ago, had a challenger.

In 2007 I was part of a very special Town Board team; I believe the bond and the mutual respect established between Carl, Tavi and Manu would last forever… So, I was happy to have the privilege to nominate Carl for Supervisor, while Tavi Cilenti, our Deputy Supervisor, seconded his nomination.

Here is my nominating speech:

    It is my pleasure and honor to nominate Carl Chipman for Town of Rochester Supervisor.

    There must be a reason that Carl Chipman has already been nominated on the Democratic and Conservative lines and for years has been the only Rochester Republican Town Board candidate endorsed – for real, not because of a deal – by both major parties!

    Deep-down Carl wants to serve everybody, all town residents, and he has done that during his almost 6 years as Supervisor; Carl is not a one-issue candidate.

    Leaders have to address the problems at hand – not pick and choose whatever brings them votes at election time.

    Six years ago we stood here as a team running for the Town Board – I couldn’t be prouder of what that team accomplished…

    After a first difficult year when we discovered some inherited problems, mostly in the assessor’s office, we’ve tried to heal the town, and I feel that we did it.

    We never voted in a partisan way. Our town was lucky to NOT have partisan issues; I don’t think anybody wants – or needs – partisanship and divisiveness… We need leaders like Carl Chipman to continue approaching all issues with an open mind and trying to solve all problems in a fair and balanced way…

    More important than being Republican or Democrat or Conservative is doing the right thing – and that’s what Carl is trying to do all the time…

    We should be proud of Carl Chipman, the very active President of Ulster County’s Association of Towns Supervisors – elected unanimously by his peers to that position. Carl is the candidate who is going to win this race because he always addresses ALL issues, and cares for ALL people.

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Change for change’s sake is useless.

    As a Republican Committee member, I received in May a copy of candidate Tim Bunch’s resume, together with a cover letter where he states: “My goals for our town are to create a town that people will want to come and live.” I feel it’s strange to claim that you can “create a town,” especially when the town has existed for 310 years! True leaders should be humble servants of the town and town’s people.

    Our selection of a Republican candidate must prove that we want the good of the entire town, not the good of a certain group; we have to prove we have common goals, not a specific agenda; having an agenda was foreign to our Town Board’s activity in the last six years. Any one-issue agenda would hurt the town.

    We – Republicans, neighbors, town residents – cannot truly WIN if we are divisive… We have to be inclusive, and we have to find common sense solutions…

    I’d like to end with one of my favorite political quotes:
    “An elected official’s duty is to do what is obvious.”

    Carl Chipman always did that. We, Republican voters, should do the obvious too – nominate him as our candidate and re-elect him our Supervisor… He fully deserves it, and it’s in the town’s best interest.

    Thank you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice speech

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